Adorable Home

Adorable Home starts with choosing your character and one more character to be your partner. You can either choose them to be different or the same gender, making the game viral amongst all communities. You can also name them with any name that you like.

You and your partner have just moved to a new place in the suburbs with your very first pet called Snow the white cat. The place is first very empty and seems to have nothing but a TV stand, a couch, and a table. And the very first thing that you will need to buy for the house is a TV, which will be obtained in the instruction process.

You will stay at your Adorable Home all day while your partner is going to work. Your main duties are to do chores around the house, prepare meals for your partner and feed your pets to earn love, the main currency in this game.

Adorable Home
Adorable Home

You can use love for buying plenty of things to furnish and decorate your house and even more pets to let you earn more heart. Capture the moments of your cats and keep them in snapshots in your photo album.

At certain levels, you will be able to unlock some areas in Adorable Home such as the garden, where you can earn even more love from woodland creatures that visit your house. There will be a lot more in the game which we will let you discover yourself.

Adorable Home contains some contents that are suitable for players who are above 13 years old only. It can be downloaded for free for Android devices on the play store or using APK files if your country does not support it.

License: Free
Release: 01/09/2020


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