Attack the Light

Attack the Light APK For Android is a game based on the series Steven Universe. You take on missions with various challenges and enemies to beat.

Missions and goal for you in Attack the Light APK

This Android game stems from the series Steven Universe by The Cartoon Network. It features popular characters that you play with, for instance, Steven, Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst. The main character is Steven. He will have to conquer all the missions in amazing adventures with his alien warriors.

Attack the Light
Attack the Light

There are many kinds of adventures and missions for players to do. You must control your characters to defeat all enemies that stand in your way. Also, in Attack the Light game, you will traverse caves to find treasures as well as magical objects, then, collect them all. As you progress through levels, you will find the adventures more interesting. There will be some jaw-dropping scenes that you can enjoy as you play. You have the power of the four gems, thus, protecting yourself against opponents to win is a must, which is also your main goal.

Is it a good game to play?

If you are in search of RPG games on mobile, then don’t skip this title. It’s a good one to try as it features a unique gaming system with other cool features. You may find the system the same as other games. However, Attack the Light APK For Android has its own elements that are good enough to keep you entertained. They are stunning graphics, nice gameplay mechanics, famous characters from Cartoon Network, etc. Besides the game also brings some other features, including:

  • Various kinds of adventures to take on and conquer.
  • Simple yet smooth controls to help you interact with your characters easily.
  • Many missions to take on with different challenges.
  • Different strong weapons you can get by combining gems you have earned during the game.

With the elements above, the game affirms its position in the pool of Android games. Regardless of a fan of the series Steven Universe or not, you should give it a try for fun!

License: Free
Release: April 2, 2015


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