FFH4X – Free Fire MOD Menu

FFH4X – Free Fire MOD Menu APK For Android is an app used for enhancing several character’s features. Let the app help you better your character!

What are the attributes you can use with the app?

Garena Free Fire has remained its popularity for years. It already affirmed its attractiveness when it comes to the battle royale genre. Players tend to ask for more from the title, which can drive the devs insane for trying to update the game. However, the title is being more open to mods. In other words, gamers can now tweak some in-game features using mods to better their experiences. That’s why you have the FFH4X mod now!

FFH4X - Free Fire MOD Menu
FFH4X – Free Fire MOD Menu

You make use of this mod to adjust and better some attributes of your character in the game, for instance:

  • Boost your character’s speed. Help him/her sprint even faster in the match.
  • Enhance your shooting skills by aiming locked on your enemy.
  • The jump height of your character is double increased.
  • Use the mod to climb walls fast.
  • Feel free to unlock all male and female characters.
  • Activate the Nighttime mode so you can view your surroundings better when the night comes.
  • No more annoying elements in the landscape, such as trees, grass, and fog.
  • The mod also helps grow the bullet impact damage, which helps you defeat enemies more easily.

It is easy to install and use FFH4X – Free Fire MOD Menu APK on Android

You will find it very simple to run the app on your device. Besides the main app, remember to install VirtualXposed as well. So here’s a basic guide on it:

  1. Download the APK app first, then enable the “Unknown sources” option to launch it.
  2. Install VirtualXposed to have a virtual space. You use this space to duplicate Android apps.
  3. Launch the VirtualXposed tool then add Garena Free Fire and the app.
  4. Open both apps then enjoy it!

You may find your current experience on the game already good enough. However, if you use FFH4X – Free Fire MOD Menu for Android, it will definitely optimize your experience.

License: Free

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