Download FIFA Soccer APK for Android game and conquer all of the leagues! Design the strongest party and show up your own skills to dominate the scoreboard!

FIFA Soccer
FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer APK for Android

FIFA Soccer is a good football game accessible on mobile platforms. Further, some special Android users can get and launch the match on their device after using the corresponding APK.

Obtainable with the best gaming experience:

It’s easy to enjoy FIFA Soccer on our phone! We are going to join a challenge that can renew itself after each season. Every change we receive is improvements that bring back the most interesting journeys.

An upgraded simulator:

The content along with other elements has been made different. Developer’s efforts have already introduced to everybody a realistic tournament with a series of enchanting matches. So, we have the chance to shoot the ball, tackle, perform tactics, etc.

Items are tweaked and they are actually suitable for the touchscreen controls of mobile gadgets. Moreover, they are approaching the level of games by Electronic Arts, attainable on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Features made such a cool FIFA Soccer APK for Android

Here is the list of valuable characteristics that FIFA Soccer APK for Android is hiding. They are also known as significant functions in FIFA 20 for Android.

More than 600 online events:

These should be finished with your victory. They create fierce playgrounds with countless challenges and missions to complete.

Official competitions:

They possess unique prizes that you can claim whenever without worrying about anything.

Real-time 1 vs. 1 match:

It’s feasible to participate with or against other players.

Ultimate Team:

Build up a powerful clan including characters from the main Leagues. Remember to boost up their abilities and lead your squad for glory!


Depends on your performance each week and each month. With those achievements, you can hop into various contests.

UEFA Champions League & UEFA Europa League events

Distinctive rounds with tons of great objects

FIFA Soccer APK for Android may be the top football game. It has already arrived with a noteworthy simulator and the ability to generate a formidable generation. Play and check out your possibilities now!

License: Free
Release: October 11, 2016


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