Fortnite APK for Android – a great Battle Royale styled game is available to play on Android mobile devices! Parachute on the battlefield and fight against multiple enemies for survival!

Free Download Fortnite APK for Android

Fortnite is one of the most interesting online multiplayer shooter by Epic Games. It’s completely obtainable for Android smartphones and tablets after becoming a hit on other platforms.


Enjoy Fortnite APK for Android you can test your firing and building abilities as in Minecraft.

Crucial features setting Fortnite APK for Android

Explore Fortnite APK for Android and do not forget to check out the following elements!

The number of players:

An arena with 100 people at once, promises to be a fierce experience

The main aim is to be the last standing man.


It is a big and new feature, allows everybody to put up structures like houses. They are useful to hide, cover, and ambush, and more.

Invade other locations and loot ammo. Look out! Base materials are essential to creating walls and ramps.

Remember to control invisible barriers that can expand and shrink! Otherwise, you cannot go on.

A variety of heroes

Opt for the class you want and customize him or her if necessary! Additionally, you should own a safe shelter, craft good weapons, and gear.

Newer items:

Skins, pickaxes, hang-gliders, backpacks, Blade skin

Designed with Unreal Engine 4:

About the visual effects, Fornite looks similar to the PC and console versions.


You can engage in PvP battles with PC, Xbox One, PS4, Android, and iOS platforms.

Land on Fortnite APK for Android game and pick up the best supplies as soon as possible! Avoid every attack and stay alive at the end of the match! It’s important to increase your survivability! The minimum operating system requirement is Android 7.1. Are you ready to shoot?

License: FREE
Release: July 21, 2017


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