GTA 3 – Grand Theft Auto

GTA 3 – Grand Theft Auto APK for Android game is free for all to download! Play the new challenge as a gangster and complete all of the given missions as soon as possible!

GTA 3 - Grand Theft Auto
GTA 3 – Grand Theft Auto

About GTA 3 – Grand Theft Auto APK on Android

GTA 3 or Grand Theft Auto III is an action-adventure game published by Rockstar Games. It is about a story set in a fictional city called Liberty.

The main character is Claude. He is on the way to take revenge on his girlfriend. She is the person who betrayed and abandoned him in a bank robbery.

He quickly becomes a criminal in a world ruined by drugs, gang skirmishes, and corruption.

However, he has to face other quests in such an open place. It’s comfortable to wander around 3 islands and engage in countless bad jobs.

Main features in GTA 3 – Grand Theft Auto APK for Android

There are tons of interesting points from GTA 3 – Grand Theft Auto APK for Android. Some of them are important and they are here.


Move throughout streets, blocks, or wherever you want. It’s also exciting to run, jump, or use vehicles your way!

A lot of different locations to explore

Have three major areas, Portland, Staunton, and Shoreside Vale. Each of them will contain unique buildings, people, and even strange purposes.

Nice graphics

Images from humans to objects are stunning, alongside upgraded transport means models.

HD resolution


How to enjoy Grand Theft Auto 3 is optimized for touch screen devices.

Easy to customize controls for the mobile platform.

Supports gamepad for a few USB controllers

Join the newest journey through the realm of GTA 3 – Grand Theft Auto APK for Android now! Remember to keep an eye on the mini-map and pick top tips to win! Good luck!

License: PAID
Release: October 22, 2001


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