GTA Vice City – Grand Theft Auto

Play GTA Vice City – Grand Theft Auto APK for Android game and beat missions to be the strongest gangster! Are you willing to join and earn respect?

GTA Vice City - Grand Theft Auto
GTA Vice City – Grand Theft Auto

About GTA Vice City – Grand Theft Auto APK for Android

GTA Vice City is about a story of a character named Tom Vercetti. It is developed by Rockstar North. It belongs to the popular GTA series.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City takes place in 1986. It is inspired by Miami. In which, you will start off with a young man who is a famous criminal from a formidable Mafia family.

Your future will focus on expanding the business towards the south. It will be a good destination to build up the empire you desire. However, that location is also the main battlefield between your gang and other ones.

Can you achieve the reputation soon? Do not forget to defeat every opponent and fulfill assignments quickly!

Main features from GTA Vice City

The list of following significant elements makes GTA Vice City – Grand Theft Auto APK for Android more interesting.

Sandbox theme

One of the best video games, alongside Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Fortnite, and more

A variety of objectives to accomplish

Engage in Vice City you will have to conquer all of the given quests in the shortest time. The mini-map is a useful tool to help you move easier and reach the top spot faster.

A classic eighties atmosphere

There are plenty of highlights that can remind players of movies or something related to Miami Vice or Scarface.

An open map to explore

It’s pretty enormous and you can freely roam around areas as you expect. Besides, it contains tons of vehicles and items to steal or use.


Have a mod that can make the surroundings and everyone look more realistic

Connect to GTA Vice City – Grand Theft Auto APK for Android and enjoy a very exciting journey by yourself! It is not only about an adventure but also a dangerous fight. Are you ready to come back to the past and dive into another life your way? Have fun!

License: PAID
Release: October 27, 2002


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