Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run APK For Android is a fun adventure game. You control Mario and help him conquer all worlds full of challenges.

Download and play Super Mario Run APK for free on Android smartphones

This adventure running game is completely free to download and install on Android devices. Mario is a famous character that appeared in the classic running games. Now, with this edition, you will help him vanquish more challenges.

Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run

The gameplay is kind of simple yet hard to master. Since Mario is an auto runner, you must carefully guide him through platforms to avoid getting hit by obstacles. Run towards the end of the platform, jump over deadly gaps, stomp on all enemies that get in his way.

The reason why Mario embarks on this adventure is that he wants to save his beloved Princess Peach. To that end, he needs your help. Hence, you must prove your controlling skills in Super Mario Run. There will be brand new controls that you have to learn after you have unlocked more characters. Besides, the title brings plenty of types of levels, decorations, buildings, and other elements to you.

Simple gameplay yet challenging to conquer

The game runs on Android smartphones, so you should have your fingers ready to direct the movement of Maria. Take control of him carefully, tap the screen to perform plumber jumps, dodge all kinds of enemies. Also, you need to gather as many coins as possible then you can use those coins to get new stuff.

What does the game offer?

Super Mario Run APK For Android brings some unique features, for instance:

  • 24 levels of 6 worlds full of challenges.
    Many new characters to unlock, such as Yoshi, Luigi, and Toadette.
  • Various decorations as well as buildings you can use to extend your kingdom.
  • Three game modes to master, including World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder.

There are many Mario games that you may have played before. However, this title will be a must-play as it keeps you entertained for hours. Give it a try now then prove your skills!

License: Free
Release: December 15, 2016

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