Tigerball APK For Android centers on a fun match where you must get a ball into a container to finish a level. Play and challenge your skills!

How to play Tigerball APK game

There are plenty of obstacles that you have to vanquish in the game, for instance, bosses, beams, ramps, walls, etc. They are kind of annoying. Also, they seem to challenge you to tough matches. You act like these characters, such as Karl Malone, Michael Jordan, or Kobe Bryant wannabe. Then, you make your way through the house when you attempt to throw the ball into the container. Once you have completed it, you will proceed to the next level with more challenges.


Although the gameplay of Tigerball on Android sounds simple, it is still kind of hard to master. It counts on various factors to complete all levels. You must prove your ball-throwing skill and get it into the goal fast enough. Set a direction first then release the ball. The strength you put into the throw will have a direct influence on the force. Hence, the aforementioned elements are very crucial for you to conquer obstacles.

What will you experience in the title?

There are plenty of cool features that help optimize your gaming experience, for example:

  • More than 100 challenging levels with different obstacles.
  • All levels are set in 20 worlds with various scenes to enjoy.
  • You start the game with 5 lives. So, you must make use of them to conquer all levels.
  • A global ranking system that shows the ranks of players with their scores.
  • Smooth controls with 3D graphics full of colors.
  • Many improvements to buy using the coins you have collected during the course of the game.

Tigerball APK For Android has reached a huge number of downloads, which makes it famous as well as a must-play. You can download and play it for free to put your skill to a test. Feel free to give it a try then see how many levels you can beat!

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