Trivia Crack 1

Trivia Crack 1 APK For Android brings a good playground in which players have fun showing off their knowledge. Come play it now!

Trivia Crack 1 APK is a smash-hit game for Android devices

It must be fun to play against many opponents from around the globe in a knowledge battle. Since there are not many knowledge games on mobile, players tend to seek other puzzle games where they can give their brains a workout. However, with the release of this title, you have a whole new playground from now.

Trivia Crack 1
Trivia Crack 1

There are no intense battles in the title. It is just about a quiz in which players must beat each other using their general knowledge. All you must do in Trivia Crack 1 game is to answer a series of questions based on the way the wheel spins. Therefore, you have to focus on the game because the questions are random. You have to brainstorm in mind as you play. Then, once you have got the answer, give it quickly. You only have 20 seconds to answer. The faster you answer, the higher the chance you will win.

You should choose categories that seem to be easier a bit then try to win the crown. After that, you can choose the harder ones to conquer. About your opponents, you can pick the ones that are weaker. Another way you can do is to rate questions to have them in your later rounds.

In-game features

Here is a wide range of cool features in Trivia Crack 1 APK For Android:

  • Various questions with different themes to answer.
  • Many achievements to obtain.
  • Card album to collect
  • Different categories to choose from, for instance, History, Art and Literature, Geography, Entertainment, Science and Technology, and Sports
  • Feel free to chat with your opponents during the game.
  • You can make your own questions to your likings.
  • A ranking system that shows players’ ranks weekly.
  • Play with random opponents or invite your friends to come to play with you.

Have a look at other players’ questions then rate them if you want.

License: Free
Release: October 26, 2013


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