25 to Life

25 to Life Free Download

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The 25 to Life is the action shooter game that gamers will face cops in the dark corruption scheme.

This game is the third-person shooter game so that you will have a wider range to choose and observe the enemies and side as you wish to. In this game, you will play the role of the Police Officer named William or turn the play to the criminal gang, Andre Freeze, and his buddy whose name is Shaun Calderon.

25 to Life
25 to Life

The plot of the 25 to Life Free Download

Andre Freeze and Shaun Calderon are all criminals and make bad effects on all people around. Freeze’s wife wants to protect the happy family by asking him to leave the organized criminal activities and live like a normal small family. He agrees but only after he completes the last task.

Nevertheless, their plan cannot be completed because his closest buddy, Calderon, betrays him which makes him go to court and prison. He tries all the way to escape and then decides to settle scores with the former buddy.

25 to Life
25 to Life

Features of 25 to Life Free Download

  • Hip-hop soundtrack.
  • Third-person shooter for the computer.
  • A lot of weapons: guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers, and so on.
  • Up to 16 gamers play at the same time.

Wrap up

The plot of this 25 to Life is so thrilling that you cannot wait but download the game right now. At that time, you will realize that it has stunning graphics that will enhance your gaming experience.

License: FREE
Release: January 17, 2006


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