Age of Mythology

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Get Age of Mythology and you are able to instantly select your own civilization and then call the help of the gods in order to achieve victory in your fierce combats. Let’s welcome it!
Age of Mythology

Essentially, it is a new game that is based on Age of Empires. If you like Age of Empires, you surely like it too. In fact, Age of Empires is known as one of the best real-time strategy sagas with a vast of its titles full of originality and quality. In addition to the original series, it is not hard to find other games created by Microsoft like the game this article introduces above. It still keeps the AoE aesthetic and full of entertainment.

Age of Mythology
Age of Mythology

In this game, your mission is to select choose a civilization (one of Egyptian, Greek or Norse) and try to progress with the main purpose of staying alive the three ages that you have to face (consisting of Classic, Heroic and Mythic), building and developing your army, expanding your cities and defeating the rivals you come across.

Remember that each civilization will have its own units, heroes, and gods. Additionally, each one also has different creatures and special powerful soldiers the gods send you with the aim of defeating every rival.

Now download Age of Mythology Free Download here and enjoy it right now.

License: DEMO
Release: October 30, 2002


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