Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space Free Download

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Download Angry Birds Space and immerse yourself into a weird galaxy that is surrounded by a lot of space pigs. Now let’s get started to solve new puzzles!
Angry Birds Space

With this game, Rovio brings all of you a full strange galaxy with angry birds, green space pigs. Let’s enjoy entertaining moments! What happens with this galaxy? Due to the kidnapping of eggs, cute birds become angry one more time, and then they start a chase and after they cross via a wormhole, eventually they finish in space in a very strange galaxy.

You have experienced Angry Birds. How about Angry Birds Space? What is new?

Angry Birds Space
Angry Birds Space

Instead of applying the familiar laws of physics to your planet, now you will have to face up many new levels. With the mission of solving a lot of puzzles, you are forced to consider the absence of gravity in a few areas as well as remember carefully the effects that are applied by various gravitation fields in other areas, because of the presence of different planets.

You are able to make use of the red, purple, green, blue, and bomb birds in order to destroy the structures. Moreover, you are allowed to access to a new specie: ice birds. Ice birds have the possibility of turning everything they touch into ice.

Don’t hesitate to get Angry Birds Space free download for PC and enjoy its greatness.

License: DEMO
Release: March 22, 2012


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