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Bus Driver
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Release:March 22, 2007

How is the feeling of sitting behind the wheels of a bus? This Bus Driver Free Download For PC game will show you.

The content of this game is very simple. You will play a role as a bus driver, then drive around the city and try your best to not take any error on the path.

There are over 30 kinds of routes for you to drive the high speed and complete the task. Unlike in real life, there are so many vehicles on the street, now it just has little and you even can race like a real race.

Wait for a second! Can you really race? No, no. Because you are driving a bus, remember? It means that you are not the only one on the bus but a lot of passengers are behind you and you have to bring them a safe feeling or you might kill all of them. Your passengers will be various from the kids the elderly, from a worker to an officer, from women to men. They choose your bus so you have to take responsibility for their lives.

Bus Driver
Bus Driver

While driving around the cities, sometimes you have to transport the passengers or stop where you must stop according to the traffics law.

This Bus Driver Free Download For PC offers 12 types of the bus for the players to select such as city, school or intercity bus. Throughout the game, you may take some groups of pupils to school, transport the criminal from the court to the jails and vice versa or complete the routes of taking tourist to travel the city. Your task will be different depends on that kind of bus you select at the beginning of the game.

As you know there are 2 elements that will decide the success of the game, one is content and another is the graphics. This content is not interesting anymore if the developer did not focus on the animated graphics. It blows the players away with the stunning scenarios and the lively whether keeping changing.

In short

What are you pondering about? Just click the Download buttons and enjoy this Bus Driver Free Download For PC now.

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Bus Driver

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