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City Car Driving
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City Car Driving is a driving simulator game that is made to teach you how to be responsible for driving in the city. This unique game is available for free download for any PC system on our site.

Unlike other car driving games, which require you to race against other NPC racers and win the first price, City Car Driving has an opposite requirement. Players who are playing it need to drive extremely carefully in the city and try your best to avoid hitting other objects.

You also need to follow the rule in driving on the street and the indicating signs. In other words, this game is a simulation for a driver’s license test. The features of the game include:

this game is a simulation for a driver's license tes
This game is a simulation for a driver’s license tes
  • Including European and American driving rules
  • There are 11 vehicles for you to choose
  • There are 24 missions with different difficulties to play
  • Maps will be generated randomly
  • Natural factors are applied in the game
  • Supports left and right-hand driving
  • Including closed racing tracks
  • Realistic engine
  • Including RPS for avoiding being lost.

If you are looking for a game that teaches you how to drive correctly, download City Car Driving for free for your PC now.

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City Car Driving

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