Commandos Behind Enemy Lines Free Download

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Each member of the team has his own ability and equipment, which will be suitable to use in different case scenarios. You will be given a series of missions to test their skills. During your missions, your team will have to face various soldiers from the Nazi army.

Like many other strategy games, you can play by using your mouse to click and drag for controlling the members of your team. They can also use vehicles and many other features in the game for moving and fighting, which makes this game much more realistic than other strategy games.

Commandos Behind Enemy Lines
Commandos Behind Enemy Lines

The members in your team may include a driver, a beret, a spy and a sapper. By clicking at them, you can choose which character you want to move or to use for doing tasks. It comes with a top-down view, which is familiar with this genre.

The graphics of this game are considered one of the best ones in the strategy game category. Commandos Behind Enemy Lines is free for download for PC here on our website.

License: Free
Release: June 24, 1998


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