Disco Elysium

Release:15 October 2019

Disco Elysium is so hardcore that more than half of gamers give up after just half an hour. What Disco Elysium is, let’s check it out.

Attracting players with an open world context, this game gives players the freedom to choose how the plot will progress. Many players review that it a challenging game, even if they are a super master.

Highlights Disco Elysium

you will play an amnesiac detective
you will play an amnesiac detective

In the game, you will play an amnesiac detective. Your character also has mental problems when constantly having strange symptoms and usually talking alone. Your city is also a complicated place, with many robberies, murder, and crime. Your mission is to learn and discover these cases. The number of conversations in games is enormous, and the primary language is English. Therefore, to Download for PC Free and play this game, your English must be good.

The unique feature of the game is that it adds the role-playing element instead of following the classic-style puzzle. Your character will be equipped with basic stats like strength, intelligence or sensitivity to complete the task. Disco Elysium also allows players to maximize their style. The way you choose the plot will bring hundreds of different endings for each character.

Download for PC Free and try playing Disco Elysium with a unique storyline. Hopefully, you will enjoy a relaxing time with it.

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Disco Elysium

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