Extreme Landings

Extreme Landings
Extreme LandingsDownload

The Extreme Landings Free Download For PC is totally suitable for all the players who love the airplanes.

Do you know why all the passengers have to be checked in many gates before going to the airplane? If you are driving cars or riding a bike on the road, if there is any accidents or breakdown, other people can be able to come and help. Unlike that, there is nothing or no person can give you or the airplanes a hand to save the lives. You will understand that feeling when you play a pilot.

Hundreds of real dangerous situations are researched and put in this Extreme Landings, and your mission is to handle all the situations and try your best to avoid the airplanes from falling which will kill a lot of people behind your volant (steering wheel).

Main features of the Extreme Landing

Extreme Landings
Extreme Landings
  • The players have to complete 36 missions and 168 challenges.
  • The 20 airports existing in the game are based on the real versions.
  • It has the weather radar so that you can keep checking it whether there are any abnormal things in your area.
  • The landing gear can be controlled.
  • Besides flying, the pilot also has to monitor the rudder, disruptors, inverters and flaps.
  • 3D cockpit

In short 

How many times have you been on a plane? Forget about it because, in the Extreme Landings Free Download For PC, your role is not a passenger but a pilot. Play the game and figure out whether you can overcome all the unsafe situations.

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Extreme Landings

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