The world of gaming gamers is being immersed in the flourishing era. With Firestone Idle RPG, can we find Firestone Idle RPG Download for PC Windows 7/8/10 ?

As the player’s market share increases, it is also the time when the requirements for game products are becoming increasingly demanding. And more than ever, the entertainment element of the game has been and is placed on top. It is the land for the Idle games to develop. Following the success of Adventure Capitalist, Crusaders Of The Lost Idols, Trimps… Firestone Idle RPG is Holyday Studios‘s hope to bring a new breeze to the gaming community.

Breakthrough point


Like the content of many idle games before, In games revolves around the great defense war of Alandria residents. The game is set in the fictional world of Alandria, where immortal forces of Undead and Orc Monsters are gathered to create a disturbance. With Firestone’s immense power, will it be the end of this kingdom? Faced with this situation, you are the trustworthy king tasked with gathering the team of heroes to stop them, regain gems and rescue the kingdom.

In Firestone Idle RPG, players will be free to choose with a lot of different character classes such as warriors, mages, priests, druids, … along with the special skill system that comes with Destroyer, Tank and Healer. Extremely unique combos will be able to be activated when the player has enough resources (Mana, Rage or Energy).

allows Firestone Idle RPG you to build a team of 5 members to fight
Allows Firestone Idle RPG you to build a team of 5 members to fight

In terms of gameplay, allows Firestone Idle RPG you to build a team of 5 members to fight. Remember that the character’s stats depend a lot on the items they carry. Do not forget besides the fatal clicks, find them the right items to maximize the abilities of each general.

It sounds very adventurous, isn’t it? All of this will be gathered inside a graphics system – the sound is built meticulously. Still knowing this was a war, but the warriors and the enemies were still very bright colors. The sound of weapons when fighting or the rewards that you bring in the chest … Let’s enjoy it!

How to Download

It was shown to light by Holyday Studios on Steam on September 26, 2019. Visit the link at the end of the article to bring it right to your device immediately.


It is an interesting role-playing game for anyone adventurous. With beautiful graphics, impressive gameplay, lots of surprises are waiting for you to discover it.

License: Paid
Release: 26 Sept. 2019

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