Five Nights at Freddy’s

Release:July 23, 2014

There is a great chance that you have heard about FNAF before. This is one of the most famous indie horror game, which features surviving against malfunctioned animatronic characters.

In this game, there is a restaurant that is called Freddy’s Fazbear Pizzeria, which is a Pizza place using animatronic characters for attracting customers to come and enjoy their time there. However, there seems to be something wrong about those animatronic robots as they seem to be walking by themselves at night.

Five Nights at Freddy's
Five Nights at Freddy’s

You will play as a night guard who is hired to guard those robots at night to make sure that they won’t escape the restaurant or do anything else. You are only equipped with some simple items such as cameras and switches to keep them in place and defend themselves.

You will play this game using the mouse, clicking on the screen to take action. You are also not able to free-roam the map and will only stay in the office. Five Nights at Freddy’s is free for download for PC here on our website.

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Five Nights at Freddy’s

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