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If you are looking for a game for relaxing yet challenging, you should have a look at Hay Day. It is an awesome game that lets you play as the owner of a farm. On this farm, you can choose to grow or raise almost anything that you like.

You will start the game with a small farm that has limited in the area. You don’t have much budget at the beginning, too, so you can only plant or raise certain things at first. The fences or soil are made in tiles form, which you can click and place to put them anywhere that you like.

Hay Day
Hay Day

In each level, your farm area will slightly be expanded in size, allowing you to add more features to the farm to improve your profit. You can also go fishing and build your own villages who will consume your product and pay you.

Hay Day is originally made for mobile devices such as Android and iOS, but you can play it on PC by downloading the APK file of Hay Day and play it using Bluestack.

License: Free
Release: June 21, 2012


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