Highway Racer

Highway Racer
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Release:August 10, 1977

Highway Racer brings all of you to immerse yourself into the adrenalin rush of dangerous driving. Now download it free for PC and try to win racing competitions. Remember that the more you put your car at risk, the higher rate you win.

It is a fact that the authors of this game designed it to bring players a feeling of the adrenalin as well as the interest of driving recklessly. Of course, it is only a game, not in real life. As a result, you are able to do it without worrying about any danger. To start things off, select the car you love, customize it to your preference, and then hit the road.

Specifically, in this game, you are possible to make use of various tactics and different maneuvers in order to obtain points as well as keep you on the track:

Highway Racer
Highway Racer

Try to block police cars chasing you. Notice that you can see them via your side mirrors.
The nearer you race past other cars, the more points you get
Attempt to increase and reach higher speeds in order to get more points.
You can drive your car in the opposite direction in order to receive more points.
Remember to brake to avoid accidents if necessary.
If you want to become a reckless racer without any danger, don’t hesitate to get Highway Racer free download for PC!

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Highway Racer

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