Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb RacingDownload
Release:September 2012

Hill Climb Racing is a fun mini off-road racing game that lets you control different vehicles climbing hills. This interesting game is available for free download on our site for PCs.

The vehicles in Hill Climb Racing move in a strange physics, be careful as your vehicle might be lifted upside down. There are only two buttons for you to control the vehicle, the brake, and the gas button. Use them wisely to get the most coins from the road as you can.

Hill Climb Racing
Hill Climb Racing

There are not only coins but also parts and petrol for you to loot on the road. Those items can be used for upgrading your vehicle or for you to buy a new one. There are 2 clocks on the screen which are the RPM meter, which shows your vehicle speed and the boost meter which shows the time left for using the nitro boost.

You can find the nitro boost icon next to the RPM meter which will boost your speed for a certain period. Being airborne longer will also give you extra coins. You are able to replay any level again to earn higher points. Download Hill Climb Racing and try it out now.

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Hill Climb Racing

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