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Homescapes is a match 3 game, which is free for download on our website for PC. By matching 3 gems in a line to make them exploding to finish a level, you will help to sort the furniture.

If you have played Candy Crush before and love it, you surely love other match-3 games. Homescapes are one of the famous match 3 games that can be played on different devices such as phones or PC.

Like other match-3 games, this game is also highly addictive, you better watch your kids when playing this game. The main character in this game is Austin the butler, who refurbishes and decorate a mansion.


By winning each level, you will help him with sorting many furniture items. By finishing all levels, you are able to do refurnishing in the best way. The more gems that you can match in a line will give you more points, a maximum of 5 gems in a line.

To play this game, you simply click and point at 2 gems that are next to the other to swap their position. If they failed to make an explosion, they will be returned to their previous position. Homescapes is free for download for PC on our website.

License: Free
Release: August 2017


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