Juiced 2

Juiced 2
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Release:September 17, 2007

Juiced 2 is designed to be a great combination of car races with the customization of your car. If you want to have a good reputation as a great driver, quickly get this game free download for PCB now!

Car racing video games featuring illegal races and car customization are becoming a hot trend in the racing game market. The cars in these games are able to obtain from small engine modifications in order to change the bodywork, become more powerful and spectacular. And this game the article introduces above is one of them.

In this game, you will take part in racing competitions along the streets of San Francisco, London, Paris, Las Vegas while driving your car. If you obtain more money, your car will be more powerful and tuned. Many things from bumpers, tainted glass to stickers, etc will be contained in this game, and you are possible to make use of them to one of the over 90 different car models.

Juiced 2
Juiced 2

Besides your car, you will have to personalize yourself by creating your own character, selecting your sex, face, body, etc… And one more thing, the better your car gets and the more races you win, the more your reputation will go up.

If you are excited about Juiced 2, don’t hesitate to download it free for PC now!

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Juiced 2

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