League of Legends – LOL

League of Legends - LOL
League of Legends - LOLDownload
Release:October 27, 2009

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League of Legends – LOL is the perfect combination of real-time strategy and role-playing games in a multiplayer online battle arena that features us various modes and settings.

The gameplay of this game is about facing players, called summoners, fighting against others in teams of 3 or 5 members depending on the game mode chosen.

Features League of Legends – LOL

League of Legends - LOL
League of Legends – LOL

Before jumping into the action in-game, you must select your champion that is your character during the whole game. Your objective is to destroy the base and nexus of the opposite team. With each point earned, you will be promoted and enabled with more marvelous skills. Yet it will unlock more weapons and exciting features.

Various scenarios give us different game modes with the same purpose. You will have to deal with real-life opponents, at the same time, protect yourself against automatic units. In general, LOL’s gameplay is easy to understand, but you need to practice a lot to master this game.

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League of Legends – LOL

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