Medieval 2 Total War

Medieval 2 Total War
Medieval 2 Total WarDownload
Release:November 10, 2006

Medieval 2 Total War is designed to be a real-time strategy game in which you are able to participate in a war between Europe and America for territories. Now you can download it free for PC!

Total War is considered one of the most well-known real-time strategy game sagas. In it, the key to defeating rivals to get victories is the strategy and the ability of your units. And in Medieval 2, you will immerse yourself into the fierce war that happens in Europe and America in which the colonizers are trying to fight against each other for the best territories. As mentioned above, the game takes place in the medieval period. However, a part of the war happens in America, so a new fraction will enter this war called the Aztecs.

Medieval 2 Total War
Medieval 2 Total War

The outstanding point of this game is the graphic quality. It is so great to enable players to zoom in until they are able to see a unit in a battalion; It is worth noting that units that own an artificial intelligence are significantly improved compared to the earlier versions of the game. They will make use of strategies as well as react to your decisions with more realistic actions.

Actually, this demo will enable you to play the game tutorial and some of the combats. However, in the complete game, you are possible to join some campaigns where you will have to dominate many aspects from the economy, commerce, as well as diplomatic relations, of course, defeat a large number of armies.

Download Medieval 2 Total War free for PC and take part in fierce battles right now!

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Medieval 2 Total War

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