Metal Slug 2

Metal Slug 2
Metal Slug 2Download
Release:February 23, 1998

Metal Slug is the game for killing all your enemies immediately because you will like it for playing it on your Windows computer

Metal Slug 2 is always on Steam, it is the history and old movies, as zombies and vampires will use old fashion over and over again. They will go back at the right time for clothes but it is also for other reasons, other fields.

You love it very much if you download Metal Slug 2, the most popular Metal Slug 2 is always alive in many ways

Metal Slug 2
Metal Slug 2

When you download this game, you can use Neo-Geo that makes your arcade machine adventures better. Furthermore, you can play any level as much as you can after you will get it done, it is interesting! And your scores are always on the leader board. You can invite your friends, your bosses, your coworkers to play it with you.

It is fun if your metal slug 2 will be chubby if you have lots of edible items during a mission, then yours will get more healthy and stronger

By the time, your superman not only walking but also using other transportations, it is good for playing it. Why don’t you download it now? They are waiting for you! And vehicles you can have, like Camel Slug, Slug Flyer, Slug machine belong to Dragon Ball. All vehicles you have will have you to kill your enemies.

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Metal Slug 2

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