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Release:May 17, 2009

Minecraft is one of the most successful games in recent years. You can build your own world with blocks. Get Minecraft Download for PC Free.

Not only appear in Windows PC, but Minecraft is also popular in mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac or Linux. The stand out characteristic of this game is that gamers can create and build worlds of their own desired. You have to use many different construction blocks and materials to build cities, castles, buildings, and so on. You build anything that you can in your virtual world.

The features of Minecraft:

  • Besides creating your world, you should try to survive with your armor and sword.
  • Minecraft 2.1.3674 is the combo of different genres: action, adventure, etc.
  • You can use cubes similar to LEGO blocks to build your world.
  • Create castles, buildings, nature (forests, rivers, mountains, etc.) for a lively world.
  • Play with your friends or other players if you choose the multiplayer mode.
  • There are five main modes in the Minecraft, they are Creative, Survival, Adventure, Spectator, and Hardcore.
Minecraft  for PC
Minecraft  for PC

One more great advantage of this title is its customize possibility. Modify your character and game by means of skins and mods.

Can I download for PC free? In fact, you can download the demo version free, but you use it only for five days. If five days pass, you have to pay a small fee to play Minecraft 2.1.3674 smoothly.

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