Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2

If you are a fan of racing games, you surely are familiar with the Need for Speed racing game series. It is one of the first racing games that are made in 3D graphics and has been turned into a movie currently.

Amongst racing games, this game seems to be the most realistic one since it allows you to modify your car to better racing efficiency. There are also a lot of missions within it, making every player love playing it.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 is released not only for PC but also for other platforms such as consoles and mobile devices, so feel free to look for the version that is suitable for you. This game comes with a huge variety of vehicles from all famous brands.

It also supports dozens of landscape types for different scenes. You can also choose amongst its playing modes, which will let you play as different characters. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 is free for download for PC here on our website.

License: Free
Release: October 2, 2002

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