If you are looking for a game with strange or even unusual gameplay, NGU IDLE may be the answer you need. Get NGU IDLE Download for PC Windows 7/8/10.

From 2017 to the present, we can witness the brilliant success of the Idle branded games. These include Idle Heroes, Idle Miner Tycoon, … most have huge players from many markets. And will NGU IDLE be released by 4G be enough to follow in the footsteps of extremely successful seniors?

NGU IDLE is a very unique game. That can be confirmed right from the first moment when you experience the game. Focusing on developing specific elements of the Idle game genre such as interactivity, item system, character system …, NGU IDLE has a fascinating appeal. When participating in the game, players will have the opportunity to choose between hundreds of characters with all appearance from simple to complex, from normal to abnormal.


NGU IDLE is developed in the direction of an idle clicker with the main task of the player to interact resources and stats for his hero in the adventure journey in the world of the game. Players will encounter monsters on their journey and then the stats will have a decisive role.

Breakthrough point

With just a simple operation, choose “Nuke” or “Fight” as the player can control his character. When “Fight” is successful, players will receive items to increase character attributes. Up to 350+ unique items are waiting for you to discover. One of the key points that makes looter games so attractive is that you can upgrade your character forever to cause huge damage figures of up to millions of billions (typically Borderlands, WOW). ). And that is the prerequisite for creating NGU IDLE. But note, for those who do not like the idle clicker line, it is quite boring.

You can play along with the game's main storyline
You can play along with the game’s main storyline

You can play along with the game’s main storyline, hit the boss, pick up items and keep moving forward for more beautiful items. You can unlock new skills to optimize your stats through practice before fighting Titan, the boss of the game. Defeat them and you will have more items and so on in the loop, the number of damage you increase is exponential. Overall there will be a lot of content for you to explore.

The game’s graphics system generally does not have too many characteristics and may cause players to be confused when playing. But it is the bold, seemingly ugly brushstroke that is a special feature of 4G‘s products.

How to Download NGU IDLE

With the uncluttered clearing of the Kongregate game portal, NGU IDLE Free Download was officially available on Steam on October 1, 2019. Along with download now and experience tons of new content offline.


As an idle building game, only focusing on the aspect of satisfying the players in terms of numbers, but It gives gamers many valuable moments of entertainment.

License: Paid
Release: 1 oct. 2019


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