The Plant Tycoon will create a beautiful and peaceful garden for the players to take care of after a hard-working day or anytime they have spare time.

This game allows you to create and look after your own garden or nursery. After they grew up, you can sell it and buy other ones to continue your works.
Plant Tycoon

You will definitely fall in love at first sight with the garden of Plant Tycoon if you are interested in gardening, but the busy modern life does not allow you to have your real one to take care of.

Though it is a game with the unreal plants and flowers, the time is real as your current world. If you abandon them for a few days without water, they will weaken and die.

Plant Tycoon
Plant Tycoon

On the contrary, if you take care of the garden carefully, they will sense your warm heart and have beautiful flowers. After that, you can sell them and buy other strange seed and plants which add more vivid colour for your garden

There are over 500 different kinds of plants and dozens of seeds as well as hundreds of insects helpful for plants.

To enhance the players’ gaming experience, its graphic and design are real and stunning, which will be full of your computer’s screen.

In short 

If you prefer the gentle and mild game than other violent kinds like survival or action, the Plant Tycoon Free Download For PC deserves to be a matched alternative for you. Check this out now!

License: Free
Release: November 8, 2003

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