Pokémon Uranium 1.2.4

Pokémon Uranium 1.2.4
Pokémon Uranium 1.2.4Download
Release:August 6, 2016

Japan is the most famous country in the world. Because it has a good culture. And it has many good cartoons. And what is about Pokémons game? Pokémon Uranium, it is your best game. You can definitely download it, then enjoy it.

Pokémon Uranium, it is the original game. It is from Pokémon fans. And after many years of developing it. It has nothing related to Nintendo, like an official Game Boy DS or 3DS game, but it is the better version.

Pikachu, Ash, Staryu, or Vulpix, are popular in the Pokemon cartoon, but you cant find them in this game. You find new versions of them, it is as your make up for them, and they have a different appearance. They are Orchynx, Raptorch, and Eletux.

Pokémon Uranium 1.2.4
Pokémon Uranium 1.2.4

On the other hand, you can invite your friends, your coworkers, your bosses, or your managers to play it. It is fun to against them.

Where are Pokémons? You have to find them, they are hidden. Then you travel to the eight gyms.

Pokémon Uranium, lots of people love it. And they made it. It is so amazing! It is over 9 years since that time. You can be the best fans of it.

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Pokémon Uranium 1.2.4

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