PokeOne Free Download For PC version is based on the famous Japanese blockbuster series called Pokemon. Although not known as an official pokemon’s family, PokeOne will definitely be an exciting experience for those who are fans of pokemon.

In this game you will incarnate as the owner of a favorite pokemon. They will be treated by you as a pet instead of you going to find and collect them as the original version. They also have responsibility for bringing you a lot of money every day, as well as valuable and unique items.


A special feature of the game is that you will experience the 3D format very professionally and create a lot of excitement for players. You will also meet and challenge other bosses to prove your strength. It’s great to be able to join the game with one or more other friends. It is a really interesting fighting game, right?

Let’s try to be the boss of your favorite pokemon and I’m sure you will be not disappointed!

Such an exciting journey for pokemon fans, right? One small note that you probably know is that do not lose any competitions because it is likely that your pokemon will be captured if you lose.

Surely you are ready for PokeOne now !

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