The PPJoy is a strange but great mix between something old and something new. Wait! Don’t think about a wedding yet! ‘Something’ here is the gamepad and the computer.

Do you remember the time that you were addicted to the gamepad and the TV screen? Such a memorable moment! Now it is back with the replacement of the computer screen instead. The PPJoy allows the players to connect some game devices with a computer such as Super Nitendoswitch, PlayStation, PS4, Sega and much more.

PPJoy stands for the Parallel Port Joystick which plays as old gamepads which allows the users to use a parallel port with Windows. Moreover, this driver gives the users a chance for the gamepad button is a map in which you can adjust it as your preference.


In short 

Combining an old gamepad with the computer to play a game? It would be a crazy and weird idea if you said it more than 10 years ago, but now it is something exciting that the players are looking for. Let the PPJoy Free Download For PC how it is like. If you are a parent, you can show you kid how you entertain life when you are at the child’s age which makes love between parents and kids are more attached.

License: Free
Release: January 24, 2017


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