The Remotr is created to help you with playing all your favourite PC game on mobile phones.

At that time, your smartphone will play a role as a gamepad of the PC, which lets you play the games remotely by streaming. Therefore, you will not worry about some games required the graphics that your phone may not be compatible, because actually you are playing on a computer, not a phone.

Because of that purpose, all you have to do is install the streaming app as well as the IOS app or Android APK to your computer. Then, you will synchronize your computer and the phone with each other by the account that you log in in both kinds of devices.

This app requires no purchase so that you can bring all the games with you. Besides, it is so smart that it can recognize the external gamepads with the different control system of your smartphones.


In short 

Check the WIFI system in all the devices you bring along, and you can play games anytime you want thanks to the Remotr Free Download For PC, like a saying ‘No worthy gamer can go without playing his favourite games whenever he wants to.’ 

License: Free
Release: Dec 29, 2014


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