Release:August 31, 2005

The rFactor Free Download For PC is racing game in which you will sit behind the wheel of a supercar.

The Electronic Arts distributed and Image Space Incorporated (ISI) developed it. If you have played many games from those company, you will know that their game all have great content and stunning graphics.

This game rFactor is not an exception since it also has detailed graphics with the players’ movement and car’s response. This is provided in the game because it will reflect on the screen of the car if there is any sharp turn.

If you win a game, you can be able to access a full section which has different categories and manufacturers which all exist on the real cars.


Four playing modes of rFactor

  • Training: There are so many kinds of cars which can make the players confused, so they will have a while to test them.
  • Simple race: It means single race, you will join the race with no opponent.
  • Online: Race against many people around the world or even the championship.
  • Campaign: In this mode, the players will participate in many different championships which based on the real ones in the world.

In short 

Download the rFactor Free Download For PC now and you will drive one of the most modern supercars in the world.

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