Release:September 1, 2006

Want to play an awesome lego inspired video game? Roblox has all the fun features! To get it, click to download for PC free now!

If you’re a lego or video game fan, then surely you’ve heard of Roblox. Despite being a young children game, the game has accumulated over 20 million users per month. Roblox is available on Xbox One, PC, Smartphones and VR devices.

Features Roblox

Considered to be one of the leading companies when it comes to making children entertainment games, this game has attracted millions because of its fun mechanisms and gameplay.

As a game all about creativity and freedom
As a game all about creativity and freedom

As a game all about creativity and freedom, you get the flexibility to create your own virtual Lego world and play with friends when in the world of Roblox. Using a series of blocks and tools, you become the architect of your world as you learn how to control groups of people and generate revenue. With the use of Robux tokens, you can buy equipment, create profit, and trade equipment.


Điểm neoRoblox is a family-friendly game where players with the same interest can communicate and share ideas. Start creating your very own lego world and share it with your friends and download for PC free now.

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