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Rocket League
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Release:July 7, 2015

The Rocket League Free Download For PC is not a league where you will see no rocket, but the cars are playing footballs, so crazy but real.

What will you play if you like both cars and football? You can choose to play a racing car game than the football game and vice versa. However, this game will give you another choice: combining those. It means that you will play a game that both have cars and footballs together. The car will not be on the road, and the football field will not have any human player anymore. The game is about how the cars play football as teams.

In this game, you can play solo with only you or with up to three other players on the screen, which is split. If you choose the online mode, you will have a chance to play with the maximum numbers of players are 8 players all around the world.

Rocket League
Rocket League

Besides the PS4 (Play Station 4) or the Xbox, you are now can play the funny and weird game on your computers.

In short 

The Rocket League Free Download For PC is totally different from any game you have ever played or imagined in your head. A football match with the players are the cars? Well, it seems to be ridiculous, but it’s trueLet’s ask your friends to join this weird Football, or car racing match, whatever it is, but it will be very fascinating. 

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Rocket League

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