Shadow Fight 2

Release:October 9, 2013

If you are sick of battle games that have awesome graphics and bloody scenes, you should try Shadow Fight. This game is made from the side view, which only shows you the shadow of people who are fighting in the scene.

You will play as a ninja who needs to battle different opponents in many levels of the game. You can equip yourself with different weapons for dealing with better damage. Those weapons can be bought using the money that is gotten from defeating opponents.

Shadow Fight 2
Shadow Fight 2

Besides the shadow fighting scenes, the background of the game is made quite nice and well animated. You will not find it annoying at all when playing this game despite it does not show any detail about your characters at all.

The game is divided into 6 worlds, each world will have plenty of levels with different difficulties. Try it out yourself, this game is super satisfying to play. Shadow Fight 2 is free for download here on our website for PCs.

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Shadow Fight 2

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