SilkRoad Online

SilkRoad Online
SilkRoad OnlineDownload
Release:October 1, 2005

The SilkRoad Online Free Download For PC is a free game which you can enjoy the wonderful MMORPG if you download it to the computer.

This game is about your travel on the Silk Road, find out the enormous map of this road and try to eliminate as many enemies as you can.

The journey is the combination of the oriental culture and the ancient civilizations of Europe and Asia. To reach that aim, you will go through the Constantinopole to Chan’an of China, through many cities in different Asian countries such as Teheran, Himalayas, Cheonchukgu and Bagdad.

SilkRoad Online
SilkRoad Online

You can choose either one of three professionals to play: hunter, thief and merchant which you can switch anytime you feel bored or want to find another one that is more suitable with you. The only way to level up is to win against lots of monsters and catch many kinds of items.

MMORPG stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing game in case you don’t know. This is an MMORPG because you can’t choose the single-player mode or offline, but with a lot of people around the world.

In short

The SilkRoad Online Free Download For PC will be something not strange to you if you read a lot of historical book about the Silk Road of Asia. If you have not, it’s okay because you will play the game as the main character as well as watch all the ancient Asian roads at the same time which can wipe out all stress after a long day.

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SilkRoad Online

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