Sonic is known as a famous character in the series game named Sonic Dash. Welcome the newest version for Sonic Dash 4.3.1 . This famous hedgehog has always been able to delight young people when playing sega’s games.
Sonic Dash 4.3.1

In this version ,he has the ability to run fast as well as combine many jumping skills to collect rings or special objects. You can unleash control him turn left or right or jump over obstacles. With eye-catching 3D format and simple game content,  Sonic Dash 4.3.1 game has attracted to many young people and has become a trend in the virtual world today.

Sonic Dash 4.3.1
Sonic Dash 4.3.1

The most attractive feature is the endless runner and you also power up your running skill to battle against the final boss each level. Sonic will become faster than ever with the insane speed to ruin when barries come.

How far you will go? Let’s come and go with our Sonic now!

Maybe many people are familiar with the old version but surely the new version of the game will give every player an exciting experience like never before. This game got tons of positive comments from players and this PC version is a whole diffirence!

License: Free
Release: March 7, 2013


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