If you have never heard about Spiderman, there is a great chance that you are not from this world. He is the superhero who got bitten by a mutant spider and granted spider power and spider-sense, making him much stronger than other humans.

This game series is the action series that you should not miss, even if you are a Spiderman fan or not. This game basically follows the story of two previous games of the series, which are not different in both gameplay and graphics.

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3

The villainous characters that you are expected to see in this game will include Venom, Sandman, and Lizard. Besides your part-time superhero job, you will also expect to play as a typical young man named Peter Parker in his College life full of secrets, love, and more.

It is made from the third-person perspective of view, with viewing angles changing automatically to show you the most awesome moves. Spider-Man 3 is free for download here on our website to install in PCs.

License: Free
Release: May 4, 2007

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