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Tactical Intervention is made and developed by Minh Lee who is the author of Counter Strike. The game is a FPS where terrorists and counter-terrorists have to face various missions. If you are excited about this game, let’s download it free for PC here!

Have you ever played Counter Strike, a FPS game created by Minh Lee? Tactical Intervention now is another FPS by the same author in which tactics and strategies are mainly focused. They play an essential role during the game. If you have experienced Counter Strike, you are able to imagine what is waiting for you on the in-game battlefield.

All you need to do in this game is to try your best to overcome different missions. Specifically, terrorists and security forces in this game will have to face and complete different tasks such as release hostages, or escort targets, etc. In addition, the game comes along with a lot of interesting innovations such as the possibility of using dogs, controlling vehicles, a large number of weapons and the existence of civilians on the scenarios, and much more.

Tactical Intervention
Tactical Intervention


  • Includes various game modes: such as Hostage Rescue, Death Match, Team Death Match, etc.
  • Consists of six different maps.
  • Once you make progress in the game, you are able to obtain new weapons and equipment.

Now get Tactical Intervention here and enjoy its greatness.

License: FREE
Release: March 28, 2013


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