The Asian Dynasties

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The brand new Asian Dynasties is an extended version of the Age of Empires III. If you wish to develop Asian civilizations like Chinese, Japanese, and Indian, you should download it now.

The Asian Dynasties
The Asian Dynasties

This is called the best RTS, which stands for real-time strategy. This game is special because of the playability with the stunning graphics.

This version is the second one. It occurs in the Far East and the evolution is in America, Asia, or Europe.

You will find 3 versions of new civilizations in The Asian Dynasties: the Chinese, Indians, and Japanese. Each civilization has its own features and rules. In those new civilizations, the players will easily see the new units and technology which makes this expansion version become different from the original version.

The Asian Dynasties
The Asian Dynasties

This game has cool monuments to show the growth of the economy. Your mission is to build those monuments in order to make the change of the era. The game includes 5 different monuments and you have to find the parallelisms with the Temple of Confucius and the Taj Mahal.

The objects of this game will depend on the civilization that you choose to play. In the Chinese campaign, you have to find the Old World of the Ming Empire. The Japanese campaign focuses on the process of unifying many lands into one country and your mission will focus on Shogunato Tokugawa. In the Indian campaign, you will know more about the story of the rebellion of a Lieutenant who defeated a tyrannical English Colonel.

Before playing the game, you have a chance to try it with the British Empire or Japanese Civilization with the King of the Castle mode.

Wrap up

After downloading the Asian Dynasties, you will love to spend hours on it.

License: DEMO
Release: October 23, 2007


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