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The Titans For is an extension of Age of Mythology. If you have played Age of Mythology and very like it, you should try playing this game. It will enable you to evolve into another era and continue your mission. Now you are able to get it Free Download For PC and experience those interesting extras.
The Titans

If you are a regular fan of Age of Mythology, you definitely know that this is one of the best strategy games that was created by Microsoft. It is where you are able to make a culture evolve as well as learn the way to make use of divine powers and fight against the rivals of your worshipers. And The Titans is an extension of this game.

This expansion enables you to play with new maps, as well as progress to a new era that is the Titans Era where you will be possible to invoke the titans of each civilization. Specifically,

The Titans
The Titans
  • The Vikings have Ymir. This is an ice giant owning an incredible power. He will assist you to destroy all buildings using his hammer.
  • The Greek is able to invoke Cerberus that owns the power of the guardian of Hell. The dog with three heads has the possibility of moving at incredible speed and destroy dozens of rivals in only a few seconds.
  • The great Egyptian god, Horus, owns magical powers that will help you to fight against any enemies.

Don’t hesitate to download The Titans and explore new maps, characters, weapons, and much more!

License: DEMO
Release: October 12, 2018


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