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The Warchiefs

The new game named Warchiefs is evaluated as one of the greatest RTS game of the Age of Empires III. Playing this game and you will be able to expand your own empire by colonizing the Americas on your own. If you love the Empire topic, this game will blow you away right the first time you have played it.

RTS stands for Real-time Strategy game. This bases on the incredible creation of the empires, you have known the name already, Age of Empires. They developed the third part because the two previous parts are very well-known worldwide.

In the latest part of this saga, the Warchiefs Free Download For PC will lead you back to the colonial period in America of the time between 1492 and 1850, from the 15th century to the 19th century. This time is when the high time of the European colonization.

There are a lot of new civilizations were added on the game corresponding to the expansion of the land. The detail is that they are the Iroquois Confederation, the Amerindians, the Aztecs and the Sioux Nation. Every civilization will have their own strength to defend the enemies, stay alive and become the winner.

The Aztecs stand out for their powerful and strong infantry. The Sioux Nations are well-knowns for their rate of expansion. The Iroquois stand out for their capacity in the siege of the cities where enemies live.

The Warchiefs

There are also 8 new maps added to this game such as the Andes, Plymouth, Ozarks, Orinoco, California, Araucania, the Northwest Territory and the Painted Desert.

Requirements of this The Warchiefs Free Download For PC

In order to play this game smoothly, the players are required the Age of Empires III which is also have great content and graphics. Therefore, you don’t need to be an advanced player to download it or play that game.

In short

By downloading the Warchiefs Free Download For PC, you will have the chance to explore the glory of leading the civilization of Iroquois by yourself. What are you thinking? Check this out now and all the stress will be relieved.

License: DEMO
Release: October 17, 2006