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UNO & Friends

The UNO & Friends is the way to create memorable memories with your friends and family. It is now available on Desktop for players all over the world to download.

This is one of the most popular card games worldwide. It has the colour code that contains the rules. You can play it in different virtual worlds and devices like smartphones, tablets, iPad, iPhone, social media like Facebook, or video game consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox. And now you can play it on the PCs as well.

UNO & Friends

Like most of the card games in the world, this is the online multiplayer game mode to support you and your family to play with one another. Besides, if you cannot ask them, you can play with other people in the world.

Main features of UNO & Friends Free Download For PC

How to play UNO & Friends Free Download For PC

The rules have been maintained since 1972. The main purpose of the game is to get rid of all cards until only one is left on your hand and remember to say Uno before that time. If you forget and the other player realizes it, you have to pick 2 more cards.

There are red, blue, yellow and green with the number from 0 to 9. Besides, it also has some special cards that may change the flow such as change the direction of the round, miss a turn, make other players pick more cards, and many more.

UNO & Friends

Wrap up

The UNO & Friends is described as ‘A game that’s less than 50 years old but is very popular all across the world.’ You can play it thousands of times but every time you play, it is totally different so you will never get fed up with it.

License: Free
Release: June 13, 2017