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Valve Hammer Editor Free Download

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Valve Hammer Editor is made and developed to be a useful tool in which you are able to design your maps for Counter Strike or Half-Life as well. Now you can get it free download for PC and start to establish the game’s guidelines.
Valve Hammer Editor

Have you ever played Half-Life 2 or Counter Strike? Do you like them? If so, you will definitely know the capabilities provided by the playing levels made by fans. And now you are also able to design your own games through the greatness of Valve Hammer Editor.

The game was previously known as Worldcraft. It primarily is designed to be a useful map editor by Valve used for several of its games. In fact, this editor is based on designing by blocks and enables you to make all the geometry of scenarios, and you are also allowed to place objects on the latter. In short, it is an indispensable tool highly recommended for all Counter Strike or Half-Life gamer.

Valve Hammer Editor
Valve Hammer Editor


  • Comes along with the customizable view.
  • Offer gamers eligible animation sequences.
  • Provide the user interface tools coming with the texture application and advanced compilation
  • And more!

Don’t hesitate anymore to download Valve Hammer Editor and start to create the game’s features by yourself. Don’t forget to surprise your friends with your own maps.

License: Free
Release: March 6, 1998

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