Human development history is always associated with wars. That will be reflected in detail and vividness in War Selection. Check the War Selection Download Download for PC Windows 7/8/10.

It can be frankly asserted that War Selection is the pioneer of the tactical war game series. Glyph Worlds, the publisher, has brought this game full of elements to create a masterpiece. You are crazy about the tactical element in the Age of Empires with a diverse army system, you like the speed gameplay of Battle Royale, or simply want to put yourself under the pressure of an RTS battle. Coming to War Selection, you will have it all.

Breakthrough point War Selection


War Selection brings together the most typical and classic elements of the tactical RTS series. Players will start from the Stone Age with rudimentary weapons, tools, and facilities to gradually advance to modern times with technologies that seem like dreams. Glyph Worlds was very skillful in letting players choose their own development path. Players will stand before having to make big decisions right from the start of the game. Western civilization or Eastern civilization? Then you will have to choose the country to lead. You will have to calculate really reasonable because it is no longer War Selection, it is your Destiny Selection.

The system of countries in games is very diverse, giving players a lot of development directions with more than 100 buildings with 200 types of troops (including marines and ground troops).

Still exploiting the construction of barracks houses
Still exploiting the construction of barracks houses

Still exploiting the construction of barracks houses and proceeding to dominate other countries, but War Selection offers a variety of game modes to satisfy any player. 62 players will join the fight to bring glory. If you are confident in your ability, Sandbox mode and solo gameplay will bring you intense matches. If you want to speed up the competition for weapons races like Battle Royale, then Armageddon mode will meet your needs. In this mode, countries with certain borders In Armageddon mode, countries have and if the player does not reach the development speed, the smallest area will gradually be attacked and destroyed by meteors. In particular, the modes in games are suitable for playing with the team, so do not hesitate to ask for more rescue.

The military systems are very detailed
The military systems are very detailed

The graphics system is also a strong point of Glyph Worlds. The military systems are very detailed. The explosion of the meteorite is a remarkable highlight. The sound of chisel sawing in construction works, as well as the sound of bombs, will make the player’s mind overwhelmed.

How to Download War Selection

War Selection has officially appeared on Steam on September 8, 2019, and is ready to be available on your device. Visit the link at the end of the article so your warriors won’t have to wait.


“So many things to explore,” “Age of Empires of the new era”, “Pioneers”…are words that could not be better for Glyph Worlds’game. Come to War Selection and choose your own war!

License: Paid
Release: 8 oct. 2019

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